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"What is a unit and am I in it?"

"They want to drill here...Help!"

"Understanding Royalty Payments"

"My lease expires later in 2015/2016...where does that leave me?"

Cost: $25 per participant

Please send an email to Katie@gaswellguru.com to recieve a current schedule for these webinars! If you have a group of neighbors/friends/family who would all like to participate in a particular topic webinar not listed above (for example...if you are all in the same unit and you want an explanation of information pertaining to your individual unit), contact us and we can schedule a personal webinar to meet your group's needs.


Client Testimonials

"Katie please pass on a hearty Thank You for last evenings webinar. It was all good info.  I am like so many hoping for things to take off again.   Thanks for everyone's hard work."



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