Mineral Management /Royalty Check Maintenance

Are you recieving royalties from a producing gas well? Do you know if you are being paid correctly? Managing your mineral interests can be very confusing and time consuming. Royalty statements are sometimes difficult to read and understand. It is important to manage your statements monthly and verify reported amounts and prices to ensure you are being paid properly.


Division Order Reviews/Decimal Interest Confirmation

Have you recieved a "Division Order", but are unsure about what it is for? Your decimal interest is the number your royalties will be based on, so it is important to make sure it is correct!


Area Activity

Are you curious about what kind of activity is happening in your area? We can produce maps and reports of local activity that include various information such as: producing wells, wells drilled that are not in production, permitted wells, and more!



     Is there a specific topic you would like to learn more about dealing with your royalty management or anything related to gas happenings in your area? Check out our webinar page. We offer a range of scheduled webinars that cover various topics. Webinars can be scheduled on an individual groups time, upon request.

Resources, Information & Current Events



Educational Webinar & Seminar Schedule

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